Mamata’s victory in Nandigram is certain, there is no question of standing in another center, says Trinamool sources

Webdesk: ‌ Natigram is a ‘self-confident’ Trinamool leader with victory. He sat in booth No. 6 for about two hours amidst the excitement surrounding the Bayal vote. As soon as the situation got under control, he was brought out of the booth under tight security. After that he reached the village in that wheelchair. “I am not worried about Nandigram,” he told party workers and supporters.
Nandigram, the ‘hot seat’ of the Bengal vote, has been hot since this morning. And this Thursday, Narendra Modi came to the state election campaign. After the meeting in Joynagar, he held another meeting in Uluberia. After that meeting, Modi again taunted the Trinamool leader and said, ‘What Bengal wants is happening in Nandigram. Didi made a mistake by leaving Bhabanipur and going to Nandigram .’‌ In her speech, there is a clear indication that Mamata is losing from Nandigram. And that is why Modi is also questioning whether he is deciding to contest from any other seat. He said, ‘Are you standing from any other center?’ This curiosity has been created among the people. Is there any truth in this rumor? Didi is the exit poll. It is becoming clear in his eyes, in his hubby way
On the other hand, according to Trinamool Shibir sources, Mamata Banerjee is not standing from any other center. He is sure of victory in Nandigram.

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