ATOM A 301 Electronic Digital Hanging Stainless Steel Hook Luggage Portable Scale with LCD Display for Industrial Fishing Factory Use Capacity 50Kg

Price: ₹ 900.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Aug 18,2021 17:32:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

hanging scalehanging scale

ATOM A301 is a perfect Bazaar Scale. It’s a compact, portable and easy to use a hanging scale that can be used for measuring small goods (comfortable to lift up to 10kgs but maximum capacity is 50kgs)

This scale will easily fit in your grocery shopping bag while you go to a market for shopping and check whether the vendor in the market is not cheating you in weighing the goods or it can also be useful when the weighing scale of the vendor suddenly stops working.

Hanging scaleHanging scale


hanging scalehanging scale

hanging scalehanging scale

hanging scalehanging scale

hanging scalehanging scale

Compact Design

Designed so small and compact that it can easily be carried and kept in the pocket of your hand bag / shopping bag.

Multiple Units

Ability to choose between pounds and kilograms conveniently.

Tare Function

It automatically omits the weight of the hook before load is applied.

When additional bucket, bracket or bazaar bag is used, you can zero it manually by clicking the “Tare” button to avoid unnecessary calculation.

Hold Function

It can hold automatic reading by its smart locking option which can be turned off if not needed by long press of tare button for 3 seconds.

hanging scalehanging scale

Pointed S-Shaped Hook

The shopping bag to weigh can easily be suspended as the scale has a big S-shaped hook

Equipped with high precision measurement sensors with maximum capacity 50kg and accuracy 5/10gm.

ATOM intends to maintain its strong position in the market by working in the principles of cost-effectiveness, innovation, and product enhancement. We strive to continually update ourselves with respect to changing global standards. We understand our role in the lives of our clients and employees and we make continuous efforts to stand by their expectations.

Warnings: In order to extend battery life and ensure safety from battery leakages, please take out the battery when not in use.

bazaar scalebazaar scale

WEIGHING MODES – You can easily choose different weighing modes such as Lb/Kg.Set the scale to your desired measurement by pressing the Unit(U) button.
TARE – The precise tare(T) button of the portable scale let you deduct the weight of a container from the total weight so that you can calculate the net weight of the contents easily.
EASY TO READ – Read measurements quickly and accurately with the clear white & mild backlight LCD display.
WIDE APPLICATION – Suitable for industrial, agriculture, domestic, luggage, parcels, fishing and other heavy objects


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